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Student Programming & Raider Entertainment (SPARE)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SPARE?

SPARE (Student Programming And Raider Entertainment) is a student council that researches, plans, and operates a variety of events on campus. The various councils are responsible for voting in weekly meetings on upcoming events and coordinating details to ensure quality events.

What movie is showing this week?

To learn about upcoming movies, visit Campus Life and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

How do I find out about events on campus?

To find out about SPARE and other fun events, you can visit Campus Life and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Who decides events on campus?

Events on campus come from a wide variety of departments (student organizations, academic departments, etc.). SPARE focuses on providing entertainment events such as concerts, movies, comedians, etc., with some opportunities to sponsor awareness or edutainment events. Students on the SPARE councils have an opportunity to present new programs and vote on which ones to add to our schedule

Who can join SPARE?

Any student in good standing with the university is eligible to join SPARE. Please submit an interest form, and you will be contacted when the next application period opens.

Is SPARE considered a paid position?

Most SPARE council members are unpaid volunteers interested in entertainment coordination, experiential learning, and meeting new people. However, there are a few opportunities throughout the year that council members may get paid positions: 1) Film projection and 2) Pregame at the Grove load-in/load-out crew. Both positions work on an as-needed basis. 

How is SPARE beneficial to me?

Member: A study by The National Survey of Student Engagement has shown that students who are actively engaged on campus have more success both in and out of the classroom. As a member of SPARE, you will have an opportunity to learn the behind-the-scenes coordination for events around campus. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet new people, make lasting new friendships, and network with other students who share similar interests. The experiences, both professional and personal, will help you prepare for your future both with Middle Tennessee State University and beyond graduation.

Non-member: As a non-member, you will find that we host a wide variety of events to keep you from getting bored on campus (after you are done studying, of course)! A study by The National Survey of Student Engagement has shown that students who are actively engaged on campus have more success both in and out of the classroom. Even if joining SPARE isn’t your gig, you will have a lot of fun at our events and meet many new friends!

Are faculty/staff/alumni/family allowed to attend events?

Our admission policy varies by event. Faculty/staff/alumni/family are welcome to many events, including movies and Pregame at the Grove. Certain events, such as the MTSU Afterdark series, require a MyMT Event Pass for entry (students and faculty/staff). Many events allow for students with a MyMT Event Pass to bring one guest. If you have any questions on admission for a specific event, please call (615) 898-2551.

How can I perform on campus (musicians, comedians, etc.)?

If you are interested in headlining a performance on campus, please send an email to for music, and for other inquiries. Please include all relevant information to your performance, pricing, and date availability inclusive of routing opportunities. 

How can I show a movie on campus?

Movies on campus have a licensing fee associated with them, unless they fall under academic exemption in copyright law. Due the SU Theater being a public venue, all screenings require a license or academic exemption (e.g., a birthday party in the theater, while seemingly private, is still considered a public screening under copyright law, and would require a license). For a quick guide on copyright, please click here. For booking, please fill out the Schedule an Event form on the MT Unions website. If you are seeking a direct co-sponsorship with SPARE for you movie, please fill out our Co-Sponsorship Form.

Other questions?

Please call us at 615-898-2551 or email if you have any additional questions that we may help you with!

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